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Welcome to Great Northwest Installations - where comfort meets sustainability.

Proudly Serving Oregon and Washington

Energy Efficient Water Heater, Ductless Heat Pump & Plumbing Services

We're passionate about helping homeowners across Oregon and Washington make informed, energy-efficient choices for their water heater, plumbing, and heating & cooling needs. Recognizing a crucial gap in the industry, we focus on educating our clients and ourselves on the latest innovations in energy-saving products.

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Not only will you enjoy reliable hot water from our energy-efficient water heaters, but also significant savings on your electric bills. Backed by a 10-year warranty, our service brings peace of mind and comfort to your home.

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Embrace the future of home comfort with our professionally installed ductless heat pumps. These systems let you control the air temperature of your home exactly as you want while reducing energy waste, helping you cut costs and minimizing your carbon footprint.

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Essential plumbing services to keep your home's water systems running smoothly and sustainably. We install, repair & replace plumbing fixtures such as faucets, sinks, garbage disposals and toilets. 

We believe the most precious gift we can give to our future generations is water. When water is lost, it's lost forever. Join us in our quest to conserve water by letting us evaluate fixtures in your home that take the longest to get hot water. We have the perfect solutions for you!


The most energy efficient water heating system - you'll save 70% on your energy cost compared to a regular electric water heater.

Interior Design

The most energy efficient heating and cooling system - you'll save 50% or more on your energy cost on heating and cooling.

With these two super-efficient technologies, you will save tons on energy bills. Learn more about our flat rates, utility rebates, incentives, and additional discounts when booking your heat pump/heat pump installation.

Proudly Serving Northwest Homeowners 

Jason Etzel, OR

I intentionally wanted to change my water heater into a heat pump water heater. Great NW was by far the most knowledgeable company I called for this newer technology. My house is relatively large and has a recirculating system installed. They advised me that this can be a problem with heat pump heaters (no other company even brought this up when getting quotes, but I was able to confirm this was an issue with a quick internet search), but Great NW knew of a work around and got it all installed in one visit. I can’t recommend them enough, especially if looking to change to a heat pump water heater.

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