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Plumbing Services

Providing Everything You Need

At Great Northwest Installations, we offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services to meet your needs. Our expertise spans across general plumbing tasks such as fixture repairs, replacements, and installations.

If you're considering a remodel, relocation, or any other plumbing-related endeavor, Great Northwest Installations is here to help.


  • Water Sense Faucets

  • Water Sense Toilets

  • Shower and Tub 

  • Sinks



  • Water Sense Faucets

  • Ice maker/refrigerator water lines

  • Garbage disposals

  • Dishwashers

  • Sinks

Modern Kitchen

Water Conservation

  • Recirculation Pump

  • Water Monitoring Auto Shut off

  • Water leak repair and prevention

  • Main water line repair or replacement

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