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Why we're here

Great Northwest Installations is committed to helping every homeowner search for the best energy-efficient water heating product. We install and repair Hybrid Heat Pump, Tankless, Electric, and Gas Storage Tanks Water Heaters. Water heating represents about 20 percent of energy consumption in the home. Over 9 million water heaters are sold in the United States every year for replacement. While over 9 million water heaters are sold every year, high-efficiency water heaters only make up 2 -5 percent of those sales. We are here to change this trend.

What we know

For many years, companies assumed water heaters would be replaced with the same unit as the old one when a water heater fails. Most of those companies don’t invest in education and time to research the latest energy-efficient products on the market. We have identified a massive gap in companies joining efforts to transform into efficiency. Consumers may not have the information they need to take advantage of what could potentially be cost savings to lower their utility bill by 20 – 50 percent.

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What makes us different

Great Northwest Installations continually participates and acquires training certificates to gain an enormous amount of awareness and education on the benefits and installation of high-efficiency water heating products. We will partner with every homeowner to search for the best type of energy-efficient product suitable for their home. Our company is passionate about helping consumers make the right choice. Consumer education is our priority – we will work together to ensure you are taking advantage of the significant amount of opportunities to conserve energy and save money. This is a trait that most companies don’t have in the plumbing industry today. Installation skills and knowledge of the products being installed is a MUST for our business.

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